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One-Line Sketches

Single, unbroken lines that mimic organic patterns

Each one-line sketch begins and ends at a dot. Try to find the dots and follow the line. The lines are unbroken and never cross themselves.

Mona Lisa

Thank you for always being family

Give it time


I love my mum

A smile as I call her


Village Camps


Homework Fauna

Animals, morality and frantic cramming

During my Physics degree I accumulated a large pile of revision notes from complex subjects like Quantum Field Theory and Gravitation. I would re-derive them again and again in a ritualistic fashion until they stuck. I held on to these sheets as a felt some hidden and impenetrable value to them. Now I sketch animals and slogans over the top to create a lovely contrast of hard, methodical science and soft, colourful and playful images


Schroedingers Cat 1/2 (Alive)

Schroedingers Cat 2/2 (Dead)

Meat is murder



Assorted works from past to present

Making art is like reading a good book. You should do it regularly and randomly, choosing different themes, characters and visions. And like reading, if you ever realise you haven't done it in a while, get your arse in gear and try something new.

Dents du Midi

Hunderwassers Natural World