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If you would like to use the material for a creative project please use the email in the 'Contact' section to request permission of use.

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The only aim of having links to other websites is to create a collaborative, creative online environment.

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Interpretion of Creative Content

The content of music, art or any creative material on this website or owned by James Stokes does not mean to offend any person or group of people.

James Stokes is committed to open-mindedness to all aspects of global culture and the propagation of positivity and good will between nations and peoples.

The aim of the creative content is to encourage open-mindedness and self evaluation. The intentions of any creative content are positive and good-willed.

Contact Mail

The contact email address is provided for creative and professional use only. Abusive, insulting or negative messages will be reported. Unacceptable message content will be judged at the discretion of this website and its administrators, based on content and context of messaging.

If you are an artist wishing to collaborate, this is considered as 'creative' use.